Board Committees and Terms of Reference

The MAT board and the Local Governing Bodies have clear areas of responsibility. For details click here.

The MAT Board has two main Committees:

  • Standards
  • Audit

The terms of reference of each are shown below. 

Standards Committee Terms of Reference  

Overall Objective:

The Committee’s responsibility is to oversee and evaluate the standards of the member Academies of the Trust in relation to academic performance against key performance indicators, which are set in consultation with the Local Governing Bodies. The Committee shall make whatever recommendations to the MAT Board that it deems appropriate within the context of its terms of reference. 


The Committee will consist of six members of the MAT Board. The Committee will be chaired by a Member Director of the MAT Board. Other members include the Chair of the MAT board, all school Headteachers and a co-opted Director. 


The committee will meet twice a year or when required. 

Terms of Reference:

The Committee will:

  • Hold the leadership and staff of the individual academy to account for academic standards and the quality of teaching.
  • Receive and review reports from Headteachers in relation to academic standards and the quality of teaching.
  • Receive and review school development plans.
  • Set targets for standards for the academic year in the member schools and review standards over the last 3 years.
  • Determine the measures used to assess the academic standards of schools.
  • Determine the strategy for performance management in the member schools and oversee the Performance Management Policy.
  • Review Ofsted reports and make recommendations to the Local Governing Body as appropriate.
  • Conduct or authorise investigations into any matters within its scope of responsibility.
  • Identify best practice and disseminate it.
  • Review the committee’s membership on an annual basis to ensure that it has appropriate skills and relevant experience.
  • Identify the risks to standards 

Audit Committee Terms of Reference

 Details to follow  

Other Committees