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 The GLA School Improvement Team (SIT)

The GLA School Improvement Team (SIT) was created to enable incisive challenge, accountability and timely support for schools to ensure that all children within the Trust achieve the best possible outcomes and that Trust priorities are met. The core GLA School Improvement Team incorporates a wide variety of skills, expertise and experience from across the Trust.


The GLA Associate Team

The GLA Trust has identified talented practitioners, known as Associates, to share best practice across the Trust. All Associates have a proven track record of success in a specific area and are provided with 9-12 days per academic year, (2 days per term) to support school improvement in their specialist area. Leadership and support provided by the Associates may include delivering CPD, supporting a Targeted Resource Plan or leading an element of a peer review.


Our Operating Model

The EEF Toolkit ‘Putting Evidence to Work’ is the chosen strategy providing precise and targeted plans for implementation, improvement and monitoring of impact. Our operating model is as follows:


Other SIT Functions

Teacher development is another key area managed by the SIT, through aligning school improvement work and staff training, messages are communicated with clarity across the Trust and training content meets the needs of the GLA priorities with fidelity.


The SIT works with Trustees, leaders, teams and individuals to ensure that areas for improvement are swiftly identified and targeted with precision using strategies, principles and practices that are effective and guarantee positive impact.


Peer Reviews take place in all GLA schools every year. They challenge leaders in their evaluations and reflections of their school and also provide perspective on improvement strategies that have been successful or that are at risk of not having the desired impact.


Academy Improvement Board Meetings serve to challenge school leaders and to satisfy the Trust Board that the Trust processes are working effectively.


Our School Improvement Team Strategy 2022/23

Our Team

  • Claire Savory
  • Danny Barthorpe
    Behaviour and Inclusion Lead
  • Cariad Comfort
    School Improvement Team
  • Jess Hutchison
    School Improvement Team
  • Jenn Sills
    School Improvement Team
  • Laura Spence
    School Improvement Team Lead
  • Melody Thomas
    School Improvement Team